HP ink cartridges "missing or damaged" (firmware update)




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    It appears HP has removed most of those links. Do you know of any mirrors?

    Here is a link to the official HP Support article with working links: https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-officejet-pro-8620-e-all-in-one-printer-series/5367611/model/5367613/document/c05308850/

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    John Mc

    Hi, thanks for pointing out that the links seem to be out of date. It looks as though HP have removed firmware version 1640 which was specifically released to fix this problem. I'd be surprised if the files aren't hosted by someone out there, but I can't find them on any reputable sites and I'm not going to recommend anywhere that I'm not personally familiar with.
    The good news is that the HP article you linked to seems to be saying that version 1733 (assuming you've got the 8620 printer) will do the same job, so I'll be updating our article today with the current links.
    If you've tried the download from that HP page, please let me know how you got on with it - I can try some of them out, but I rely on feedback to get the full picture!

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    Yes I installed the firmware listed in the article for my 8620 and my third-party ink cartridges work again. What is even stranger is I had disabled updates since I purchasing the printer, the original firmware was still installed, and my third party cartridges were working fine for months.

    My theory is the firmware I originally had would allow third party cartridges to work for a short period, and then issued the "cartridge missing or damaged" error to give the appearance of low quality third party issues. I hope this new firmware doesn't have a similar count down to when third party cartridges will be disabled. I'd still like to get my hands on a 1640 release just in case.

    Now as far as the old links are concerned, I don't trust them, but it's possible they may have removed the old firmware due to security issues. I never bothered asking them on their forum. I'm making sure to keep this 1733 firmware file in case they also take them down and the printer somehow "accidentally" updates.

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    My printer 3632 updated inself and installed illegal DRM timebom firmware 1750B.

    My refilled cartridge was working until on April 2, 2018 it started to show cartridge failed and was refusing to work.


    Under EU law blocking the work of 3rd party cartridges and making cartridges inoperable is illegal.


    I also fully documented the way on how to bypass easily HP DRM timebomb.


    1) Make sure printer is restricted from using internet and wifi, you can reset it before and set up it blocking future firmware updates.


    2) power off the printer


    3) set time on computer connected to the printer as Jan 1, 2018.


    4) Power on the printer.


    5) Old cartridge will work as a charm.


    6) The fact that simply changing the time makes "Failed" cartridge to work shows that HP using illegal DRM practice which violates EU law.


    before future printing set January 1st time, otherwise printer will get same error

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    This post has been written in January 2019. I have HP OfficeJet Pro 8610, firmware 1828A (latest available).

    The error "one or more cartridges appear to be damaged" persist.

    Any idea?

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    John Mc

    Hi Thomas, sorry I'm a little late getting back to you.
    If you have the 1828A firmware and are still getting the error, I'm inclined to put that down to an older version of the chip on the cartridge. If the cartridges were purchased from us, we'll cover them under warranty, so please contact our customer service department via live chat or email (contactus@printerinks.com) and we'll arrange a return.


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    Lola Pritchard

    Your links don't work at all … I have an 8710 and it has been bricked by the a**holes at HP … I had automatic firmware updates selected (or I guess they did by default) and didn't know it

    How do I downgrade so I can keep using the cartridges I bought when HP was willing to let it happen

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    John Mc

    Hi Lola,
    Sorry, but this isn't looking hopeful...
    HP removed a lot of the files that I had linked to when they issued the latest firmware update last week. I'm currently going through the list to find which ones still exist.

    I can tell you that the new version for your 8710 does come with the "dynamic security" feature, but it is only enabled on printers manufactured after December 2016 - older printers aren't affected by this update.
    I'm guessing then that your printer was made in 2017 or later, which means that there is no officially available download that will roll the feature back. The only thing I can suggest - and please bear in mind that I can not as a representative of Printerinks.com recommend this - is to track down the version of the firmware that you had before, and try installing it. I haven't experimented with this myself, and if you decide to go ahead, I can't take responsibility for any consequences, up to and including the total destruction of your printer's operating system.

    I can't even tell you that the file name of the old firmware version is OJP8710_1828A.exe otherwise you'd be able to copy and paste that into Google...

    Seriously though, I do not know if any site hosting this file is safe, or if the file will roll back the changes without having some other consequence. I've talked to people before who have kept old firmware versions on their hard drive "just in case" and they've generally been able to use them.

    Once again, I am not recommending this course of action, simply pointing out that it is something that might be possible to do. Should you decide to try it at your own risk, please let me know if it works. :-)


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    Lola Pritchard

    Understood. I actually tried searching for that before and have not found a single place that has it hosted ... Pretty frustrating. I would love to find the actual exe from anywhere

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    John Mc

    Actually had a more detailed look myself now. I made the original reply having searched the file name myself and got a few hits. Turns out they're all broken or mis-labelled. Sorry, I thought it was a good idea at the time.

    I don't have any other advice in that case. Unless you bought the cartridges from us? Our guarantee even covers you for HP's shenanigans, so drop our customer service team a line with your order number if they're our cartridges.

    Otherwise, let me know if you find a solution for post-December 2016 printers. Being completely honest, unless a LOT of people start making a fuss and the media catch on again, HP aren't going to fix it.

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