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    My printer 3632 updated inself and installed illegal DRM timebom firmware 1750B.

    My refilled cartridge was working until on April 2, 2018 it started to show cartridge failed and was refusing to work.


    Under EU law blocking the work of 3rd party cartridges and making cartridges inoperable is illegal.


    I also fully documented the way on how to bypass easily HP DRM timebomb.


    1) Make sure printer is restricted from using internet and wifi, you can reset it before and set up it blocking future firmware updates.


    2) power off the printer


    3) set time on computer connected to the printer as Jan 1, 2018.


    4) Power on the printer.


    5) Old cartridge will work as a charm.


    6) The fact that simply changing the time makes "Failed" cartridge to work shows that HP using illegal DRM practice which violates EU law.


    before future printing set January 1st time, otherwise printer will get same error

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